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7th Carrier Strike Group

The 7th Carrier Strike Group is a self-sustaining fleet capable of providing its own combat service support and logistics, comprising of Marines, Navy Pilots and Starmen with combat training and specialist skill-sets enables versatile deployments across the 'Verse to a wide array of missions.

The mission of the UEE Pathfinders is both outlined in standard military foreign & domestic orders, however, the "Pathfinder" designation carries the specialist assignments of conducting long-range patrols, deep-strike raids into hostile territories & locating suitable resource or outposts for the UEE.

Read on below to find out about the groups within the fleet and their tasks.

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Assigned to the 7th Carrier Strike Group as the Marine capability, the Marines train in planetary and interstellar combat. They have a wide array of specialist skills including snipers, combat medics, JTACs & EVA combat to name a handful of roles.

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When enlisting into the UEE Pathfinders, you will select a branch to train and specialize in...

An amalgamation of squadrons under a joint HQ that include Navy Pilots who fly star-fighters and dropships, to Navy Starmen that crew gunships, corvettes and large capital vessels.

Each squadron has its own specialist skills and cross-training is available between squadrons too!

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